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Welcome to the Air Conditioning Repairs Fourways information and service page. Is there water puddles inside or outside your home? Is your air conditioning system not turning on or at all? Or is your AC system not cooling like it used to? These are a few of the common problems our technicians face daily. One of the contributing factors is little to no air conditioning maintenance done.

Aircon Repairs Fourways

Having regular Air Conditioning Maintenance is vital for your system to operate. Like it once did when you first bought it. Because your air conditioner provides comfortable living. It’s so easy to forget it ‘s there. Having your system checked will show you any loss of performance or problems. This will help prevent those costly breakdowns or Air Conditioning Repairs in Fourways. DID YOU KNOW? Air Conditioning Filtration System is the main part of your system. When it’s blocked it affects the airflow causing airborne pollutants. As well as the system to work harder. So how do you know if your need Fourways Air Conditioning Repair? One of the more obvious signs that you need Fourways Air Conditioning Repairs is when either the air flow is week or you can’t feel the air flow like before. There are a few tell-tail-signs, we’ve provided the most common ones for you.

Common Signs of Air Conditioning Repairs in Fourways.


Strange Noises


Won't Switch On

Warm Air

Warm Air

Ice Build Up

Ice Buildup

No Air Flow

No Air Flow

Common Problems

Common Problems

Common Problems of Air Conditioning include. Your air conditioning system not being able to produce warm or cool air. Low levels of refrigerant gas. Compressor issues, leaking air conditioner and thermostats not working. Are exactly some of the most common reasons for Air Conditioning Repairs in Fourways.

System Age

AC System Age

A good lifespan of an air conditioning system is ten to fifteen years. If your air conditioning system is past. You may need to consider replacing your air conditioning system. Changing to a New Air Conditioning system may be costly. But it will function more saving you on repair and maintenance costs.

Frequent Repairs

Frequent Repairs

AC Systems are complex and need many different components to work. If you have either repaired many components over the past few months. Or replaced the same components several times. This is a side that your system may need replacement. With a new system especially if the repair cost out weighs a new system.

No Maintenance

Little Maintenance

When it comes to air conditioning systems we really only notice them when they break. So while they perform perfectly we often forget they also need a little maintenance. To keep them running. Residential systems need maintenance at least twice a year. While commercial at least four times a year to keep them operating at their best.

Proper Air Conditioning Installations

Air Conditioning Installations Fourways done by professional Aircon Installers with years of experience. We install a wide range of Aircon Units including Split. Ducted. Multi-Head. Under Ceiling. Floor Console. Ceiling Cassette Window and Wall Air Conditioner Installations. All installations come with a 1-year installation warranty and optional service plan.

Air Conditioning Repairs Fourways. Done by our professional and experienced Fourways Aircon Repair Technicians. With experience in repairing all makes and models of air conditioners. If you are experiencing sudden noises. Leaking of water or refrigerant, sensor and thermostat issues. Or losing its efficiency in cooling and heating then it’s time to give us a call. The benefits to Air Conditioning Repair Fourways is to save you on future costs. Longer life with better air cooling. Positive impact on the environment. You know who to call in case of an emergency 083-574-9480.




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